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Cross-Laminated Timber Symposium Webcast Recording

June 21 & 22 2011 the Canadian Wood Council hosted a 2 day symposium on Cross-Laminated Timber. The two day event featured 18 presentations from an international roster of presenters. The event was webcast around the world. View a recording of all 18 webcast presentations. These webcast recordings qualify for a total of 9 creditsLearn More or Register - Login

Art Gallery of Ontario - Advanced Use of CNC Technology & Connection Design by David Moses

A significant feature of the AGO is the front facade glass curtain. Creating the curtain's complex geometry where no two pieces are alike, with thousands of unique connections, in wood members with slender cross sections and significant forces was made possible by the use of CNC machines and the 3D CAD systems (BIM) that feed them. Learn More or Register - Login

Durability of Wood in Exterior Applications by Paul Morris

Wood design, construction and maintenance are rarely perfect. Where there is the potential for moisture accumulation we must ensure durability by nature or by treatment. This presentation is a technical discussion of wood's durability, both its naturally occurring properties as well as durability that can be created through treatment. Learn More or Register - Login

Applications of Wood Species in Construction by naturally:wood

Using materials created by naturally:wood this course provides technical specifications and best practises applications for 16 different species of wood. Learn More or Register  Login

Practical Aspects of Wood Quality for Architects and Engineers

Born out of years of research and real world experience Les Jezsa applies his unique perspective in exploring the wood quality attributes of: strength, stiffness, density, dimensional stability and natural durability. Learn More or Register - Login

Enhancing High Performance Building Assemblies: The Potential of Wood Fibre Insulation to Optimise High Performance Construction by Niall Crosson

This presentation will provide a background into the history of woodfibre softboard insulation, its range of unique attributes and how this adaptable material is employed in high performance building assemblies in both new and retrofit construction projects. Learn More or Register - Login

Energy Efficient Wood Curtain Walls by François Bergeron

This presentation presents the advances in HEE glazed façade complying to the most stringent energy codes in the world. Learn More or Register - Login

Modern Timber Connectors by Maik Gehloff

This presentation will introduce this innovative screw technology, describe the motivation for their development, the theory supporting their use, the design approach in their specification and provide a variety of applications for them. Learn More or Register - Login

New: Modern Timber Connection Systems: Structural Self-Tapping Wood Screws by Enrique González

This course will start with the general concept of modern timber connectors then provide more specific details about self-tapping wood screws. -  Learn More or Register - Login

New: The Revival of Timber Bridges by Dan Tingley

This presentation will seek to provide an overview of timber bridge design and restoration and highlight the carbon benefits as well as cost and function. Learn More or Register - Login