Course Catalogue - Materials & Applications: Page 2

New: Fiberglass Composite Bridges by Crowford Dewar

This course discusses by wrapping wood with epoxy reinforced fiberglass that encapsulates the wood, wood can become a viable construction material for bridges spanning up to 12m under full truck loading Learn More or Register - Login

New: Timber Based Products and Systems Are Here – Will The Market Follow? by Michael Keller  

This presentation discusses how the timber industry has made significant gains in bringing timber based building systems into the market. Learn More or Register - Login

New: Cross Laminated Structural Timber In Use – CLT Buildings 5 Years On – How Are They Performing? by Sophie Campbell  

A candid discussion about the operational performance of CLT and the success of its deployment on built projects. Learn More or Register - Login

New: Timber for the Masses by Liam Dewar

This presentation will focus on best practices in terms of design, procurement and construction of mass timber projects. Learn More or Register - Login

New: Concept CLT – Disruptive Innovation in Housing by Liam Dewar

This presentation will focus on the implementation of BIM and the role of the specialist in terms of 
the use of CLT. 
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New: Ready? Set. Reset! Can BC designers be the  architects of change in the future of wood  design? by Robert Malczyk and Oliver Lang

This presentation will both challenge and engage participants to explore the imperatives of future opportunities in wood construction. Learn More or Register - Login