Course Catalogue - Mid-Rise Wood Buildings: Page 1

New: Guidelines For Designing Wood-Frame Mid-Rise Buildings

This course consists of 10 modules presented by the experts who wrote the new Mid-Rise Wood-Frame Construction Handbook. Based on the National Building Code of Canada, each presentation module reflects a chapter of the construction handbook. Learn More or Register - Login

New: Resources for Wood-Frame Mid-Rise Construction 

This course reviews three recently published documents that were created as resource materials intended to assist the design and construction of wood-frame mid-rise buildings. Learn More or Register - Login

New: Fire Safety in Modern Wooden Buildings

In this five module course participants will obtain valuable insight into the fire safety of light-wood frame and mass timber mid-rise buildings. Learn More or Register - Login

New: Common Mid-Rise Structural Design Challenges - and Solutions by Steve McManus, P. Eng., Weyerhaeuser

This presentation will highlight specific challenges, important details and procedures of mid-rise wood construction. Learn More or Register - Login

New: Mid-Rise Wood Design Code Provisions by David Bowick

David Bowick examines what is unique about the construction of mid-rise wood buildings and why mid-rise is not "just like regular wood frame only bigger" or "just like concrete only using wood". Learn More or Register - Login

New: Fire Safety During the Course of Construction by Steve Craft, Ph. D., P. Eng., CHM Fire Consultants Ltd.

This presentation will include an overview of construction site fire statistics, current regulatory overview with a discussion of recent developments and the importance and major aspects of a construction site fire safety plan.  Learn More or Register - Login

New: Acoustic Considerations for Wood Frame Construction by Mihkel (Mikk) Toome and Daniel Lyzun

This presentation will discuss acoustics in wood frame structures and the value that can be added through early planning and good acoustic design. Learn More or Register - Login

New: Building Enclosures for 5 & 6 Storey Mid-Rise Wood Buildings – Lessons Learned & Best Practices by Graham Finch

This 2 hour seminar will cover lessons learned and many of the recent trends in materials, details and enclosure assemblies for creating durable and energy-efficient mid-rise wood frame buildings.  Learn More or Register - Login

Mid-Rise Construction in BC: Past, Present & Future by WoodWORKS! BC

Changes to the British Columbia Building code in 2009 allow the construction of 6 storey wood-frame buildings in BC. This presentation provides a brief overview of the history, benefits and methods of mid-rise wood-frame construction. Learn More or Register - Login

Study of Prefabrication in Timber by Michael Schluder

A showcase of prefabricated components of multistorey timber buildings based on the current status of buildings of one to 10-storeys in an urban setting. Learn More or Register - Login