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If you require support please email us at: Please include your name, site name, course name if applicable and a brief explanation of why you need support. We will respond to your request for support within one business day – if not sooner.

eMETA Support is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST Monday through Saturday closed Sundays and Statutory Holidays.

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eMETA Support

Common Support Issues:

1. I forgot my password. I used the “Forgot My Password” function but did not get an email back.

First check your Spam Filter to see if you did get an email response. If there is not an email in your filter then email us and we will reset your password.

2. I completed the course, passed the test and downloaded my Certificate of Completion but the certificate is blank, incomplete or contains the wrong information.

This does happen on occasion. Email us with the name of the course you completed and we will email to you your correct Certificate of Completion.

3. The video is not working or missing.

First try a different Browser. Next be sure your computer or device supports HTML5 and/or Flash. If these solutions don’t work email us and we will address your issue.

4. I am using a mobile device, I am in the course but I can’t find the course content.

All mobile devices are slightly different. However, in most cases if you are using a mobile device and can’t find the course content menu, handout, test or certificate tabs look for a Course Navigation Icon. Click the icon and a dropdown menu should appear. Also, be sure you have the necessary application to download your PDF handout or Certificate of Completion.